Tonbridge Dog Training and Pet Shop

Pets Whiskers Training …

Offering professional dog training services 

to the Tonbridge area


Including Puppy Classes, Scent Training Classes, Workshops and 1-1 Training Sessions


All delivered by Martina, a qualified pet behaviourist and dog trainer


All training can be booked online


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Our Pet Shop …

dog training

We offer a wide range of quality pet food, treats, and accessories (click for more info…)  




Small Animals

Pet Birds


Wild Birds


We also offer a range of essential gardening and hardware supplies

Free Delivery available within 3 miles of our shop

New to ‘nose work’?

Why not take a 1-1 Introductory Session?   Your dog will love it!

A small selection of brands stocked ....

Frozen Food & Chews

We have 6 freezers fully stocked with the leading brands...  Natures Menu, Country Hunter and Nutriment. We can provide all the advice you need to convert your pet to raw feeding. 

We also stock essential garden and hardware products

In the garden our stock includes products for weed control, bug control, feeding plants, lawn treatment, hose accessories, pest control (ants, slugs, flies, wasps, rodents), garden gloves, garden string, stakes, sprayers ... and more. 

Introducing our best selling Pets Whiskers Grain Free Food

  • High (50%) meat content including minimum 26% fresh meat
  • Rich in amino acids, vitamins & minerals
  • Added Omega 3
  • No added artificial colours or preservatives (naturally preserved with rosemary extract)

 All flavours include sweet potato. Flavours stocked...


Adult Turkey & cranberry; Salmon with Trout & asparagus; Duck & orange; Angus Beef & carrot; Tuna & broccoli; Pork & apple; Lamb & mint; Chicken & herbs; Venison & mulberry

Small Breed Chicken & herbs; Salmon with trout & asparagus

Large Breed Turkey & cranberry, Salmon with trout & asparagus

Puppy Chicken & Turkey with salmon & carrot; Salmon with haddock, blue whiting, sweet potato & asparagus; 

Large breed puppy salmon with sweet potato & vegetables

Senior Trout with salmon & asparagus


Why not try a free sample?... pick up in the shop or add one to your delivery 


Training Aids

We stock a wide range of training aids 

Dog Grooming Aids

We stock a wide range of grooming aids

Why does he have to do that?

Some of our pets' behaviour can be somewhat frustrating. Find some tips to deal with the common problems of puppy digging, barking and chewing here


If you or your pet feel you need 1-1 support on any aspect of your pet's behaviour visit Pets Whiskers Training for a summary of our services

Includes a helpful 'new puppy' shopping list, advice and some tips on early puppy learning.... 

New Cat?




Visit our cat pages for useful info and tips