A Selection of Recommended Training Aids

The right training aids can really help. 


Below are some of the recommended training aids available directly through Martina or through our shop.  


All our recommended aids are consistent with positive reward based training methods.  


If you are unsure which aid is right for you and your dog, do contact Martina or pop into our shop for a chat and to try out different products.

Tugger Toys

The right training toy can super-charge your dog, increasing motivation, recall and concentration. We stock a range of quality tugger toys in our shop, as used by professional trainers, including rabbit skin, sheepskin and faux fur varieties of various length and style.

Dog Balls

Some dogs are motivated by a simple ball! We stock a variety of quality balls in our shop including Kong, Chuckit and Sportspet, of various sizes and type.

Long Lines

A long line can be an invaluable tool for early stages of recall training or rehabilitating poor recall, especially when working through the 'distractive environment' stages. We stock a variety of lengths in our shop, from 5 meters to 15 metres.

Basic Training Tools

We stock everything you need when starting out; clickers, treat bags, motivational toys and whistles.


When training a new behavior, the clicker helps your dog quickly identify the precise behavior that resulted in the treat you just gave. Hence speeds learning and can make training easier. 


Useful in recall, especially for dogs that like to run some distance from the owner. We stock a range of different types of whistle for different preferences.

Treat Bags

Reward based training needs appropriate rewards 'to hand' at the right time. A hip based bag allows quick and easy access, so you can get your reward to your dog on a timely basis. We stock a range of bags in our shop.

Standard Harnesses

We stock a range of standard harnesses and leads suitable for every day wear and especially for training. You are more than welcome to bring your dog with you into our shop to ensure the right fitting.

Touring Harness

  • day to day harness with a high-quality nylon strap 
  • comfortable to wear due to fleece padding
  • especially suitable for younger dogs 
  • fully adjustable belly strap and washable
  • stocked in red, blue, black, berry, pink, beige
  • available with matching leads

Ancol Mesh Harness

A lightweight and comfortable alternative to a collar. Specifically designed  for dogs who pull on the lead, it takes the pressure off the delicate neck and throat area and gives owners greater control over strong, boisterous, or excitable dogs. The lightweight, soft, and breathable mesh ensures your dog's comfort. 

Available with matching leads and collars.

Ezy Dog Harness

The Chest Plate moulds to the shape of your dog so that every harness becomes a custom fit. Thanks to the easy-to-adjust straps, the harness does not rub uncomfortably anywhere on your dog. 

The distribution of load across the chest makes the Chest Plate an ideal harness for dog training. 

Available with matching collars and leads.

Front Attaching Harnesses

A properly used and well-fitted front attaching harness can be a wonder-cure for a dog that pulls on the lead. The front attaching rings allow you to ‘steer’ your dog away from his pulling rather than trying to fight directly against his strength. You are welcome to take one for a test run before buying.

Complete Control Harness

For calming, kinder and comfortable control and an aid to stop pulling. Any one of the three control rings can be used in tandem or individually.

For extra strength and the ultimate in control, use a Training Lead with any two of the control rings.  

Available in black.

Xtra Dog Fleece Harness

Designed by leading dog behaviourist Marie Miller, front rings have been encorporated into the design of the harness and sit in the correct place, i.e. on the point of the breastbone.

When attached to the rings at both the front and top the lead can then both influence the dog's posture and help stop the dog from pulling. 

Available in various colours.

Trixie Training Leads

A double ended clasp lead for use on harnesses with multiple control rings (such as the Complete Control and Xtra Dog harnesses).

Can also be used as a conventional lead. Strong and comfortable.

Head Collars

An alternative to the front attaching harness.

Dogmatic Head Collar

Multi-award winning Dogmatic Leather Headcollars make dog walking much easier and can eliminate the most common behavioural problems such as pulling, lunging etc.

The unique strapping under and at the sides of the chin ensures the Dogmatic stays in place and the nose band does not ride up, under or into the eyes (which can happen with other commonly used designs).

Available in different colours.


The Halti Head collar is ideal for all dog types and works to counteract their ability to pull you along. As the Halti Head collar attaches around your dogs muzzle you can steer your pet with a gentle pull on the lead.