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pond food packaged

Tetra Pond Sticks

Various sizes


Tetra Variety Sticks

Various sizes


Tetra Koi Sticks



Tetra Multumix

170g tub


Pettex Sticks

pond, koi, variety


Pettex Pond Pellets



Supa Pond Flakes

3 Litres, various



Supa Pond Flakes


Supa complete



pond food bagged

price shown is per kg, bags are weighed out by us to be between £3 and £4 each, order as many bags as you like in your cart

Pettex General Sticks

per kg


Rainbow Pellets

per kg


pond food sacks

Rainbow Sticks

5 kg Sack


Koi Sticks

5 kg Sack


Carp Pellets 10kg


Rainbow Pellets

Floating, 10kg


water safe and remedies

Pond Aquasafe

Various sizes


Clear Pond

Treats 5000 gals.


Fresh Start

Treats 500 gals.


Bio Start

Treats 500 gals


Sludge Buster

Treats 2000 gals.