Our Intermediate Classes








Reward Based


  For young dogs from 20 weeks old at start of course


Building on the foundations of our puppy class, the course will develop further

life skills, manners and basic obedience.


Obedience elements typically covered in puppy classes will be reinforced and further elements including

take-it, leave-it, wait and stay added.


The course will deal with common young dog challenges such as

pulling on the lead, jumping up, stealing and poor recall.



Training will be via kind, effective, reward based methods with plenty of

relationship building games, trick training and fun along the way.


In-class learning will be reinforced through hand-outs and exercises to practice at home!




Indoor Classes: Hadlow Village Hall (click here for directions) 




£72 per 6 week course

£48 per 4 week course

 If you qualify for a free first lesson you can use your discount code when booking



 Dates, Times and Booking 

Further Information

No choke chains or half-check collars please



Course Completion

Your dog will receive a goodie bag and priority space on further courses



Who should attend with your dog?

The Course is also to provide advice and support to your dog’s family

...all family members are welcome to attend and join in the fun!



Who will be running the course?

The course will be run by Martina A.DipCBM, a qualified pet behaviourist and dog trainer




Martina's approach to these sessions will be to view your pet as an individual. Knowing that owners want the very best for their pet, she is passionate about helping owners and their pets maximise the joy that pet companionship can bring. 

Contact Martina

Questions on the classes? Or need some support in the meantime?  You can contact Martina here

Recommended Training Aids and Treats

The right training aids can really help.


Click here for some of the recommended training aids available directly through Martina or from our shop


All recommended aids are consistent with our positive reward based training methods. 


If you are unsure which aid will be right for both you and your dog do contact Martina or pop into our shop for a chat and try some different products out.