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A challenge for dog & handler


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The National Nosework Odour Recognition Tests (ORT) measures the dog’s understanding

of their odour and their ability to work methodically 

It also tests the ability of dog and handler to work as a team, with the dog being

required to search a set pattern, testing the handler on their line management and pace setting

Successfully passing the ORT entitles the handler to enter

National Nosework Association trials at the appropriate level

As a certified ORT assessor, Martina can provide practice or test sessions



Tonbridge Rugby Club, The Slade, Tonbridge




£20 per session (30 minutes)



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Who will be running the session?

The course will be run by Martina A.DipCBM, a qualified pet behaviourist and dog trainer.
Martina is also a qualified judge for Scentwork UK and a certified National Nosework Association ORT assessor, Foundation & Pre-Entry Judge and Trials Official




Martina's approach to these sessions will be to view your pet as an individual. Knowing that owners want the very best for their pet, she is passionate about helping owners and their pets maximise the joy that pet companionship can bring.  

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