Puppy Basics


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  • Feeding
  • First Days
  • Exercising
  • Health Care
  • Pups and Kids
  • Socialisation

Early Learning

Your puppy will benefit from early training... 

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  • Crate training
  • Home Alone
  • Handling
  • Car journeys
  • Food bowl happiness
  • Exchanging
  • Toilet training

Homing a rescue pup? 

Homing a "rescue animal" is especially rewarding. Sometimes though puppy needs that little bit of extra help in the first months. Martina has extensive experience of supporting pet parents to settle their newly adopted dogs. Pop in store for a chat if you would like to learn more.

why does my puppy...

learn why your puppy may be a digger, chewer or barker... and how to train the habit away  read more

              Puppy Classes


From around 12 weeks puppy will benefit from some basic training. 

Home Puppy Visits


Find out more about our Home Puppy Visits here