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Reward Based


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Training aids

The right training aids can really help.


Click here for some of the recommended training aids available directly through Martina or from our shops. 


All recommended aids are consistent with our positive reward based training methods. 


If you are unsure which aid will be right for both you and your dog do contact Martina or pop into one of our shops for a chat and try some different products out.

about pets whiskers training

At Pets Whiskers Training we look to provide dog, cat and rabbit pet parents with the support sometimes needed to maximise the joy that pet companionship can bring.


We view every pet as an individual and know that owners want the very best for their pet. We understand that sometimes this means seeking a little support.


All Pets Whiskers Training activities are led by Martina.


Unsure what type of support may be appropriate for you and your pet?  Why not pop into our shop for a chat.


Alternatively you can contact Martina directly at...

Email: martinaxramage@petswhiskerstraining.co.uk

Phone: 07917091002