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Crate Training

Crates are very useful in a variety of situations. As with everything new to puppy, crates should be introduced in a way that puppy will associate it with something positive - crates never should be used as punishment or as a confinement for long periods of time.


How to make the crate a happy place?   Learn More

Home Alone

Inevitably, you will have to leave your puppy at home for an hour or two occasionally.


It's thus important to practice with him being on his own at an early stage. Being left on his own will also help your puppy becoming more confident and independent. 


Start practicing whilst you are at home   Learn More


Puppies are soooo cute - who doesn’t want to cuddle them all the time? 


But puppies don’t always welcome as much physical contact as we would like to give them!


They will though need to accept handling whenever required, so that future visits to the vets or groomer don't turn into a stressful drama for either you, the dog or the handler  Learn More

Car Journeys

Many puppies associate car journeys with something bad.


Maybe no surprise if the first car journey is when he gets taken away from his litter mates, followed by a second journey to the vets! 


 You can help your puppy and change his view of car journeys   Learn More

Food Bowl Happiness

Puppies love their food - mealtimes are for sure one of the highlights of their day!


And whilst it's vital they learn to be perfectly comfortable with people being around them whilst they are eating, it's understandable if they don’t naturally like it! 


It's generally not a good idea to try achieve this by taking away puppy's bowl whilst he is eating - this is likely the best way of teaching him to guard it! Learn More about how to do this effectively...

Exchanging stuff


Dogs are naturally possessive animals and, just like you and I, won’t always appreciate their valued things being forcefully taken away from them!


To prevent 'guarding behaviour' from developing teach your puppy to happily give up their toys or stolen objects. You, can do this by teaching your puppy a retrieve   Learn More

Toilet Training


Puppies have got small bladders and the smaller the dog the smaller the bladder!


Housetraining requires a bit of effort initially and likely involves getting up at night for a few weeks too.


However, it’s time well spent - you’ll be rewarded with a dog that lets you know when he needs to go outside before ‘accidents’ happen.   Learn More