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Feeding ~ Health Care ~ Exercising ~ First Days
     Pups and Kids ~ Socialisation


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what ~ how often


There is a bewildering amount of puppy food on the market. Look out for puppy food with no additives or colours - puppies don’t care about colours, all they are interested in is “can I eat it?” and “can I eat it now?”.


Initially, keep your puppy on the diet he was weaned on and give him time to settle. You can then gradually change him over to the diet of your choice. Learn More




Health Care

Vaccinations  ~ Flea Treatment and Worming

Your puppy should have it's initial vaccination at eight weeks old - so that should have been done by the time he comes home with you.  


A second round of treatment is then due around two to four weeks later. Only after this will the vaccination be fully effective and puppy properly protected. Learn More


Walking ~ Play


Puppies need exercise. A tired puppy is a happy puppy - a happy puppy is a happy owner!


Being confined to the home until fully vaccinated might get a bit crazy for both you and puppy, so keeping puppy amused and stimulated during this time is important.  Learn More

Pups and Kids


The first few months with puppy can present a bit of a challenge for parents who also have young children.Your puppy has to learn that your kids not only run, shriek and jump, but that it’s also ok being hugged and kissed by them! 


Never shout at or punish your puppy should he play-bite with your kids. Teach him to use his mouth softly and save his more robust chewing for his own chew toys.   Learn More




It is of the utmost importance to introduce your puppy to as many experiences that he is likely to encounter in later everyday life as possible. All meetings with new people, dogs, children should be as positive and enjoyable for the puppy as possible. Learn More