You are getting your new kitty (or two?)


Bringing a cat into your home will come with some change to your life!


To help give you and kitty the best start together

here’s a shopping list of essential equipment.


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Kitten and new cat Shopping LIst

Bed or Basket

Kitty’s bed or basket should be comfortable, warm and easy to clean.


Beds and baskets come in different varieties. More timid cats may prefer an igloo-style bed where they can hide away and feel safe until they have settled into their new home.


Some cats might prefer their bed put up high so that they can watch what’s going on around them.


Food and Water Bowls

Each cat in the household must have it’s own feeding bowl.

Bowls should always be kept clean. Bowls made of  stainless steel or ceramic are easy to keep clean.

Water bowls and food bowls should be kept apart. This is a more natural and comfortable arrangement for a cat.

Ideally, both the food and water bowls will be wide enough so that your cat’s whiskers don’t touch the sides of the bowl when eating or drinking.


There are many interactive feeders for cats. They will help keep your cat mentally stimulated and physically active. This is particularly important for indoor cats and ‘home huggers’.


Initially, best to stick to what your kitten has been weaned (or if taking on an adult cat what they were fed in their previous home). Sudden changes in diet can cause tummy upsets and stress in your cat.


Any introduction to a new diet should be made gradually and over a few days.


Read more in ‘Nutrition’.

Litter Tray and Cat Litter

Litter trays are available in many different sizes and shapes.


Trays with a hood stop litter spilling over when the cat buries her pee and poo. However, not all cats feel comfortable going into such hooded trays. In which case sticking to an open tray is best.


The trays should be sufficiently large so that your cat can comfortably turn around when in the tray.


Trays should be placed in quiet locations away from glass doors or windows. Cats don't like being  watched or feeling they might get pounced on by another cat whilst using the toilet.


There are also many types of cat litter available. Some cats do have a preferred type of litter. Try a few and let your cat choose - she’s the one who’s got to use it!


Read more in ‘Tips and Tricks’

Brush or Comb

Whist regular coat care is a ‘must’ in longhaired cats, it will also have many long term benefits for shorthaired cats....

  • It keeps the coat in a good condition
  • It helps you spot any skin problems or growths at an early stage
  • It helps you spot any injuries at an early stage
  • It helps you to develop an even stronger bond with your cat

A brushing is essential for longhaired cats.


A fine-toothed metal comb is useful for grooming a shorthaired cat whilst a wide-toothed comb is better for a longhaired cat.

Cat Carrier

There is a wide range of different carriers available, including...

  • Wire carriers
  • Wicker carriers
  • Plastic carriers
  • Cardboard carriers

Whichever carrier you choose, it must be secure so that your cat can’t escape, especially if she gets anxious and agitated on the journey.


You’ll find advice on how to introduce the carrier to make it a happy place for your kitten in ‘Tips and Tricks’.


Cats love playing with toys. Especially those that allow them to practise their natural hunting skills.


Favourite toys include

  • Catnip mice
  • Fluffy feather toys
  • Small balls
  • Catnip sacks
  • Fishing rod toys

Some toys are ideal for your cat to entertain herself, others are perfect as games for sharing. Playing with a kitten is such fun!


Check out the range of cat toys in our shops and also see ‘Tips and Tricks’.

Scratching Post

Whilst scratching posts are important as a place where your cat can keep her claws nicely trimmed, they also serves as a place where your  cat will mark her territory.


They should be sufficiently tall to allow your cat a full body stretch.


Correct location of the scratching post in your home is key.

Come and check out our range of scratching posts and read more in ‘Tips and Tricks’

Cat Flap

If you want to grant your cat free access to the great outdoors a cat flap is a worthwhile investment.


Cats that are allowed to go outside should always be able to come back into the safety of their home, especially, in an emergency situation.


There is a variety of cat flaps to chose from such as for example:

  • Standard
  • Magnetic
  • Microchip

For further advice on cat flaps that are suitable for your purposes and for support in fitting a cat flap please come and see us.


Read more in ‘Tips and Tricks’.