Toilet Training


Puppies have got small bladders and the smaller the dog the smaller the bladder.


Housetraining requires a bit of an effort initially, including getting up at night for a few weeks.


However, it’s time well spent - you’ll be rewarded with a dog that lets you know when he needs to go outside before ‘accidents’ happen.


Puppies usually give a few clues when they need to go to the toilet. They tend to stop doing what they are doing, start sniffing the ground and circling.


Get puppy’s attention and take him outside whenever you see these signs. Don’t pick him up and carry him - he needs to learn to make his own way to your door. Stand outside with him (ignore the weather!) but don’t give him too much attention; avoid playing with him or talking to him - you're not having a little ‘party’ together - he needs to to be able to focus on what he set out to do, i.e. have a pee or a poo.


Watch him from the angle of your eyes and as soon as he toilets, praise him heavily; make a big fuss and give him a super yummy treat.


Praise and reward him each and every time he toilets outside. The aim is for puppy to learn that when he toilets in the place that you want him to then good things happen. He'll then be really keen to do it again!

If he doesn’t toilet within five minutes of taking him outside, take him back in and try again fifteen minutes later.

Of course, accidents can happen, especially in the early stages. Though do try to avoid them. If they do happen then it's important not to shout at your puppy or punish him as this is just likely to only confuse him. Rather, quietly clean up the area with pet odour cleaner and remind yourself that we all make mistakes!


For further advice on puppy toilet training please come and see us.