Exchanging stuff



Dogs are naturally possessive animals and, just like you, won’t always appreciate their valued things being forcefully taken away from them!


To prevent 'guarding behaviour' from developing teach your puppy to happily give up their toys or stolen objects.

You, can do this by teaching your puppy a retrieve...


  1. Hold one end of a toy whilst your puppy is holding the other
  2. Waggle a very tasty treat in front of his nose
  3. As soon as he opens his mouth and releases the toy praise him heavily and give him the treat
  4. Encourage him to continue the game with you... soon he’ll start releasing the toy almost immediately in order to get the treat
  5. You can then gradually introduce a cue word such as ‘drop’

Puppies learn to love this game and you might find that he starts pestering you by retrieving objects on his own and offering in exchange for treats!

For further advice on training your puppy to exchange please come and see us.