Car Journeys


Many puppies associate car journeys with something bad happening... and no surprise!


Their first car journey probably takes place when you collect them and although very exciting for you, from your puppy’s point of view this is likely a traumatic experience when he gets taken away from his mum and litter mates. 


The second journey is then possibly a trip to the vets... again nothing enjoyable for the puppy - he may be getting vaccinated, microchipped, being handled by strangers....

No wonder that puppy may begin to associate the car with bad news!

But if this happens you can easily help your puppy change his views of car journeys... just take him out on a few short trips around the block so that he can get used to the movement and sound of the car... returning him home to a few treats and a game. He'll soon get the idea.

Also, simply sitting in the car with your puppy and feeding him some titbits without actually driving off will help him develop a positive association with being in the car. 

For further advice on car journeys with your puppy please come and see us.