Puppy Feeding


You are what you eat!


There is a bewildering amount of puppy food on the market. Look out for puppy food with no additives or colours - puppies don’t care about colours, all they are interested in is “can I eat it?” and “can I eat it now?”.

Initially, keep your puppy on the diet he was weaned on and give him time to settle. You can then gradually change over to the diet of your choice.


Look for a good quality 'puppy' food. Feeding a puppy on adult dog food will lead to digestive problems. Also avoid feeding human food and especially foods that are dangerous to dogs, including for example chocolate, grapes and raisins.


We stock a range of carefully selected and recommended quality puppy food, available Online or In Store and would be pleased to chat through the pros and cons of the various options; the ranges available and their suitability for different life stages and puppy sizes.

For more information on types of dog food, dietary requirements and much more see Nutrition



How Often?


Puppies should be fed four meals a day until they are twelve weeks old, three meals a day until they are six months old and two meals a day after that.


Try to keep to regular times to help puppy build up routine toilet habits. Always ensure the food is fresh.