Are you concerned about aspects of your dog's behaviour?   


Is it time to seek some advice?

If so, read on...


Behavioural Consultations for Dogs


Designed to help dogs...

  • exhibiting reactive behaviour towards other dogs or people
  • exhibiting fearful or anxiety related behaviours, or
  • suffering from excessive stress


You will be receive the consultation from Martina A.DipCBM.


Unsure whether a full Behavioural Consultation is what you need? Why not pop into the shop for a chat.


Note: To rule out behavioural challenges being linked to medical causes behavioural consultations can be initiated on a veterinary referral basis only.



Alongside the primary behaviour problem, any minor behaviour or training issues can also be addressed during these sessions.




What you can expect from a Behavioural Consultation?

  1. Firstly, we’ll give you a referral form. This should be signed by you and your vet.
  2. We’ll then provide you with a full questionnaire.
  3. You complete and return this questionnaire to us before our first consultation. We can then be fully prepared. 
  4. The first consultation will be a home visit, lasting 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We'll review the history of your dog’s behaviour together and discuss in detail the challenges you are having. We'll share our initial conclusions and our recommendations for your treatment programme. This will be set to suit you and your pet.
  5. The second consultation will last about an hour and takes place approximately 2 to 4 weeks later. During this consultation we’ll review progress together and introduce further practical exercises.
  6. The final consultation will again last about an hour and again will take place approximately 2 to 4 weeks after the second. We’ll again review progress together and recommend any refinements or additional exercises as appropriate. 

We’ll send you written reports and notes summarising observations, recommendations and practical exercises after each consultation.




  • £35 first session
  • £35 written report (non-optional)
  • £30 first follow up session
  • £15 any further follow up sessions

Travel expenses may need to be added if the consultations are not within the local area




What next?

If you feel that a behavioural consultation would help please phone, email or pop into the shop for a vet referral form


Contact Details:


Telephone:  07917 091002

Come see us at 2 York Parade, Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge TN103NP


If you're unsure whether a full Behavioural Consultation is what you need, why not pop into the shop for a chat with Martina anyway?





Martina's approach to these consultations will be to view your pet as an individual. Knowing that owners want the very best for their pet, she is passionate about helping owners and their pets maximise the joy that pet companionship can bring. 




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