1-1 search sessions




Reward Based


  Dogs have a highly sensitive nose and scent-work is a natural behaviour for a dog.

Essential in hunting and finding prey.


As a supplement to our regular Scent Detection classes, Martina offers one-off 1-1 Area Search sessions

Booked individually, each Area Search session can be tailored to your dog’s needs…


A great practical search session of large indoor and / or outdoor areas

… great for dogs already confident in working their target odour (clove or gun oil)


A super 30 minute 1-1 session for dogs  starting out on their scent detection journeys

… an opportunity to sample the sport in a safe setting


An opportunity for handlers who would like to work on a particular topic in a new or specific setting

… maybe looking to improve your dog’s indication, or searching for high or deep hides?


All our scentwork sessions are fun and provide great mental stimulation for your dog.

Suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds. 



Dates & Times 

 Our Area Search sessions run regularly through the year

Check our online booking system for date & time of next available sessions




 Tonbridge Rugby Club

The Slade, Tonbridge




 £20 per session 





Who will be running the course?

The course will be run by Martina A.DipCBM, a qualified pet behaviourist and dog trainer.
Martina is also a qualified judge for Scentwork UK


If you need more information call Martina on 07917 091002 or
email Martina here or
come and see us in the shop…@ 2 York Parade 





Martina's approach to these sessions will be to view your pet as an individual. Knowing that owners want the very best for their pet, she is passionate about helping owners and their pets maximise the joy that pet companionship can bring.