Puppies need exercise.


A tired puppy is a happy puppy... - and so the puppy paren!

Being confined to the home until fully vaccinated might get a bit crazy for both you and puppy. Keeping puppy amused and stimulated during this time is important. But still best be prepared for some...racing through the house, leaping on and off furniture...

Puppies shouldn’t be taken on long hikes - their young bones and joints are not yet developed enough to cope - they’ll quickly get over tired, may hurt their pads and then may develop an aversion to going out at all.

Two or three fifteen-minute walks a day are enough for a young puppy, gradually working up to two thirty-minute walks a day when the puppy is six months old, with a longer walk at weekends.

In the meantime, keep your puppy busy by playing games, carrying out short training sessions, hiding treats around the house and garden...


Puppy training sessions are also great idea for you and puppy...and a chance to meet other new puppy parents